So you are in the market for a property? You’ve heard that it is a wise decision to use a buyers agent, but what can a Buyer’s Agent do to help you? In addition to assisting in the purchase process, here are a few of the unique offerings designed specifically for Buyers, that you will only find with Lake State Land Co.

T.P.S. (Targeted Parcel Search)

Being a buyer in a period of low inventory can be daunting. It is easy to spend countless hours searching national listing websites, but never finding exactly the right property to meet your needs. When a new and attractive listing does come up, you are often competing with scores of other buyers, willing to make a quick purchase.

At Lake State Land Co. we have developed a system to present Buyers with properties that no one else is seeing, based on their desired property profile (acreage, county, area, property type ect.). We call this approach T.P.S. (Targeted Parcel Search). Using our unique skill set and parcel data resources, we can easily drill down a list of prospective properties and reach out directly to those owners directly. Although they may not have their property listed, the prospect of a quick and easy sale, to a willing and pre-qualified buyer is often times enough to solicit a response.


Just because you are not finding what you are looking for online, does not mean its not available. The term “Pocket Listing” refers to a property that is for sale, but the landowner has chosen not publicly market it for whatever reason. At LSLC we are familiar with dozens of these types of properties.

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